Clogged Ears And Dizziness Symptoms in the seniors

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Headache With Vertigo Symptoms older adults

Other than confusing your inner ear balance system by riding on a playground roundabout or the teacups ride at the fair, or by turning a load of pirouettes, then causes include:Read more about these conditions and other causes of vertigo. What are the possible causes of feeling faint? If, by dizziness, you mean feeling faint or light-headed, then conditions originating anywhere in your body may be the cause.

This is sometimes described as feeling dizzy. Most of us can remember times when we have felt like this. For example, when we have been ill with a high temperature (fever), very hungry, or very emotional. However, some people have repeated episodes of feeling faint without an obvious explanation such as a fever.

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In particular, if you jump up out of bed after a night's sleep. The fall in blood pressure is just for a short time as the blood pressure quickly adjusts to your new posture. However, in some people the fainting feeling can be more severe and last for a few minutes.

Why Am I Dizzy? 10 Causes

One of the symptoms of an arrhythmia is to feel faint or light-headed as there may be a sudden decrease in blood supply to the brain as the arrhythmia develops. See the separate leaflet called Abnormal Heart Rhythms (Arrhythmias) for more details. Various other heart disorders may cause a reduced flow of blood to the brain and cause you to feel faint or light-headed.

Do I need to see a doctor? It is usually best to have an explanation for dizziness. If you have a prolonged episode of dizziness, or recurring episodes of dizziness and are not sure what is causing them, then it is wise to see a doctor. In particular, if you have other symptoms in addition to the dizziness, such as:Headache, especially if it is severe, or a different kind of headache to ones you usually get.

Indeed, it is estimated that in one out of every five people who go to the doctor complaining of dizziness, a cause is never found. Fortunately even if the cause hasn't been found, the symptom of dizziness often settles in time. How do you normally keep your sense of steadiness and balance? Your brain constantly receives nerve messages from various parts of the body to tell you where you are and what position you are in.

Why Am I Dizzy? 7 Possible Causes Of Dizziness And How To Treatment Symptoms

Dizziness: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments in menIs Vertigo A Symptom Of Diabetes

The three semicircular canals help to control balance and posture. Head movements are sensed because when you move your head, the fluid in the labyrinth within the semicircular canals moves too. The movement of the fluid moves tiny fine hairs that are on the inside lining of the labyrinth. When the hairs move, this triggers messages to be sent to the brain via a nerve called the vestibular nerve.

To be free of dizziness and to have good balance, it is best to have all of these (eyes, nerve signals from the skin muscles and joints, and inner ears) working normally. However, if you shut your eyes, you will normally still have a good sense of balance and know the position of your head and other body parts.

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Older people are at greater risk of experiencing a fall but there are many ways to reduce the ch...What is meant by dizziness due to balance problems? In this type of dizziness you do not have vertigo and are not light-headed or feeling faint. However, you feel unsteady on your feet and feel as if you may fall over when you walk, due to unsteadiness.

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Headaches And Vertigo Symptoms  humansClogged Ears And Dizziness Symptoms in the humans

There will usually be other symptoms too. General frailty and/or being seriously ill with another illness may lead to loss of balance. You will usually have other symptoms in addition to problems with balance. Your balance can be affected by drinking too much alcohol or taking some street drugs. A doctor is likely to examine you.

In some cases, various tests may be organised to find the cause of the dizziness. Your doctor will firstly need to ask you some questions about the dizziness. Is it constant or in attacks? Is it the world-is-spinning type of dizziness or a loss of balance, or do you feel faint or light-headed? Do you have other symptoms with it, such as being sick, hearing problems, a ringing in the ear (dizziness), headaches, palpitations, etc? Does it come on in certain situations - for example, when you move your head from one side to the other? Are you taking any medicines? The doctor will then need to examine you.



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